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Saint Maarten, Caribbean charm in its pure state

The French West Indies are abundant with little known treasures : a flight to Saint Maarten will allow you to discover an earthly paradise surrounded with beaches and lagoons that look like they've been taken straight from a postcard.

Situated 250 kilometres north of Guadeloupe, Saint-Maarten is full of paradoxes. The island is divided between the southern section (Dutch) and the northern section (French), and yet the language most spoken is... English. Comprising 53 kilometres square, the French section is a destination on a human scale, overflowing with heavenly little areas. Booking an airline ticket to Saint Maarten is a one way ticket for a dream holiday !

Crossed by a frontier between France and the Netherlands, West Indian by nature, the island of Saint-Maarten enjoys a large cultural diversity. Explore the south of the island, more established and resolutely exotic. The effervescence of the Dutch section contrasts with the sweetness of life of the French section, which contains the majority of the islands beaches.

A flight to Saint-Maarten will allow you to make the most of its 37 beaches, spread across 70 kilometres of coastline. All public and ideal for bathing, they will welcome you into a magical setting. Their large variety makes up the charm of this enchanting scenery, from peaceful beaches on the Caribbean coast to the more agitated waters of the Atlantic side. One of the longest is Long Bay Beach, while Orient Bay is without doubt the most festive.

An airline ticket to Saint-Maarten is also a delight for fans of sport. Little Cayes awaits you : taking 25 minutes to reach it by foot, accessing this beach must be earned, but it deserves the detour ! In order to reach the peak of escapism head for the Red Bay Beach, a haven of peace where the deckchairs offer you a moment of eternity, with your feet in the crystalline waters...