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Your hotel in Toulon/Hyères

With Air France, when you book your Singapore Toulon/Hyères flight, you can also book a hotel through its network of partners in the hotel sector. View our best flight + hotel packages for Toulon/Hyères.

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Our Air France Travel Guide guide

Get away from it all! To help you get ready for your trip to Toulon/Hyères, or during your stay, view Air France Travel Guide – our destination guide!

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Need a car in Toulon/Hyères?

Discover the offers available from our partners and book your rental car in Toulon/Hyères at the lowest possible price!

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Extra baggage

Need to transport extra baggage? Add one or several additional pieces of baggage online and get at least 20% off airport prices.

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Seat options

Want to travel with extra legroom or next to just one person on your Singapore-Toulon/Hyères flight? See our Seat Options.

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A la carte menus

Enjoy a gourmet moment on your flight to Toulon/Hyères! Choose between the menu of the day and our À La Carte Menus.

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