Vienna, in the heart of central Europe

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With more than 1.7 million inhabitants, Vienna is the capital of Austria. The city is famous for its quality of life. It is an important political centre that has played an important role in history. Vienna was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the Empire of Austria (1804-1867), which became a dual monarchy, Austria-Hungary, of which Vienna was also the capital (1867-1918).
Vienna is located in the heart of central Europe, in eastern Austria. It is a true crossroads, 1,243 km from Paris, France, 651 km from Berlin , in Germany and 1,112 km from Brussels, Belgium. The Danube River flows through Vienna and it is also only about sixty kilometres from Bratislava, the lovely capital of Slovakia.

Vienna, a city marked by the imperial years

Vienna has many tourist attractions from its prestigious heritage. Of course, Vienna and the emblematic "Sisi", the legendary Empress Elisabeth of Austria from 1854 to 1898, and her husband, Emperor Franz Joseph are closely associated to the Austrian capital. Why not go to Vienna? You could visit the Sisi museum in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, which was gradually built over the centuries beginning in 1220. However, the Schönbrunn Castle is the most impressive palace. It was built between 1696 and 1699, and you can visit the imperial apartments. The building is surrounded by gorgeous French gardens, dominated by a tea house.
In the centre of Vienna, you can't miss Saint Stephen's Cathedral with its majestic colourful roof.
In general, Vienna stands out for the elegance of its white neoclassical buildings, such as the City Hall or the Popular Theatre, and its wide avenues. Imposing architecture that contrasts with the large working class buildings in "Red Vienna" (the communist period between the two wars) and with certain more artsy, creative neighbourhoods.
Prater Park is the city's green area, a place where the Viennese love to go and relax, which also has a long history since its origin dates back to the 15th century! Prater Park has the famous 65-metre high Ferris wheel, a symbol of the city, as well as a permanent fun fair.
But it's impossible to go to Vienna without savouring a delicious cake and a luscious hot chocolate in one of Vienna's famous cafés…You will surely take home a souvenir of the taste of the imperial and innovative city. As for culture, the city has many museums: the Museum of Natural History of Vienna, the Museum of Art History, the Museum of Fine Arts, etc.

Travel to Vienna: useful information

When you arrive in Vienna, you will land at Wien-Schwechat International Airport , located 16 km to the east of Vienna. You can reach the city centre with the City Airport Train (16 minutes), the fast interurban train S7 (26 minutes) or an airport shuttle.
Once in Vienna, public transportation is very well developed. The city has five subway lines, 28 tramway lines and 90 bus lines. You may opt for the Vienna Card which allows you to use public transportation for 72 hours and benefit from reduced rates in museums and cafés.
If you would like to rent a car
when you arrive, it is best to have an international driver's license.
The currency in Austria is the euro. Most hotels, stores and restaurants accept credit cards and travellers cheques.
Citizens of Singapore do not require a visa for stays under 90 days
, but must have a passport that is valid at least three months after departure from the Schengen area (the Schengen area groups 26 European countries, including Austria. It is an area of free circulation for people and merchandise). However, a visa is required to work or study in Austria.
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