Watching turtles in Tortuguero

Watching turtles in Tortuguero

This is one of the best places in the world to witness the nesting of sea turtles, as many choose the Caribbean coast each year to lay their eggs.

Astride the land and the sea, the Tortuguero National Park is rare indeed: it is one of the leading regions in the world where four of the seven known species of sea turtles—leatherback, green, hawksbill, and olive ridley—lay their eggs. For more than 55 years, these beaches along the Caribbean Sea have been an unparalleled conservation area for protecting them.

Observing them is highly regulated and must be done with a guide, in small groups, at specific times and locations. It is an exceptional night show which requires discretion so as not to disturb these threatened or endangered species while they bury their eggs in the sand. They come from March to October, with peak attendance in summer—much like the visitors who come to see these special reptiles...

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