Visiting the old colonial Saigon

Visiting the old colonial Saigon

Going down the rue Catinat (Catinat Street) takes you back in time. It's a nice walk, in the footsteps of the French, which starts at the Square of the Paris Commune.

There are still some colonial arcaded houses in what used to be the rue Catinat, now called ‘Dong Khoi'. The walk begins at the Square of the Paris Commune in the footsteps of French architects who set the tone for the city, between Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office.

Behind its majestic salmon-coloured facade, the Central Post Office, supported by metal structures designed by Gustave Eiffel, still has the same allure. A little lower, the Hotel Continental has also retained its former glory. A legendary hotel, it faces the municipal theatre, whose neoclassical facade is the work of the French architect Eugene Ferret. Just before arriving at the Saigon River, the Grand and Majestic hotels are the last witnesses of this style of hotel, vestiges of a nostalgic era.

Dong Khoi
District 1
70000 Ho Chi Minh City