The National Mall: a vast esplanade lined with museums

The National Mall: a vast esplanade lined with museums

Trees, lawns, and ponds the ideal place for strolls and picnics. But the Mall is also a tourist destination for its many museums and monuments.

The long, lawn-covered Esplanade was designed by Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, who oversaw much of Washington's city planning in the late 18th century. The Capitol dominates one end, the Lincoln Memorial the other. In between, there is an impressive concentration of museums.

To appreciate the perspective of the Mall, sit on the steps of the Memorial, with your back to the huge white marble statue of the 16th president of the United States. On your left is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a black granite block inscribed with the names of 58,209 Americans killed during the Vietnam War. On your right is the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

At the end of the basin are the National World War II Memorial and the Wall of Freedom, which is covered with 4,000 gold stars to honour the 400,000 soldiers killed during World War II.

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