The Naples Metro, a true work of art

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The Naples Metro, a true work of art

Considered as veritable artistic works, certain stations of Lines 1 and 6 of the Neapolitan metro will amaze you.

Never will the desire to take the metro be as strong as it is at Naples. You will even want to go down to the city's underground just to admire the fantastic decor. Indeed, 15 stations of Line 1 (Garibaldi, Università, Dante, Vanvitelli) nicknamed ‘Metro of the Arts' and a few on Line 6 (Mergellina, Augusto, Lala and Mostra) welcome onlookers, impressed by so much creativity. These art galleries have come into being thanks to a hundred artists, designers and architects, such as Alessandro Mendini, Karim Rashid, Anish Kapoor and Sol LeWitt. More than 200 works were spread out among the different stations that you can admire with the modest price of a metro ticket. Considered one of ‘Europe's Most Impressive Underground Railway Stations' the Toledo stop which was designed by creators on the theme of water and light, has two impressive blue-toned mosaics with LED panels that are set off by your passage. A veritable sensorial and aesthetic experience.

Metro lines 1 & 6