The Bukchon district : escape into another time

The Bukchon district : escape into another time

North of Seoul, not far from the bustling city and its huge towers, is an enclave of tranquillity, combining history and architecture.

This neighbourhood is actually a 600-year-old hamlet, a rare vestige of the megalopolis's past.

Located halfway between the famous palaces of Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, the ‘hanok' village of Bukchon holds many secrets. Its renovated houses of stone and wood were once the residences of the Korean aristocracy. They have retained their authenticity and are marvellously picturesque and romantic. Wander the narrow lanes and watch the beautiful ‘sea of rooftops' in curved black-and-white tiles that adorn the houses of the neighbourhood. Make sure you wear the right shoes, as the hills can be steep. The skyscrapers in the distance offer a beautiful contrast.

You can enrich your program by adding visits to Bukchon's many museums, restaurants, cafés, workshops, art galleries, and shops. And to prolong your immersion, why not visit a house and enjoy a cup of tea?

Bukchon Hanok Village

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