Strolling the three markets of the Cours Saleya

Strolling the three markets of the Cours Saleya

In the heart of the historical district, on the Cours Saleya, the maze of markets offers the best products and fragrances, but more especially tons of surprises.

The market is a festival that knows no end. Slip into the crowd toward the bouquets of the flower market. In the shadow of their pretty stalls, draped in colourful stripes, the flower ladies invite you in.

On Monday, head to the flea market, which will test your skills as a bargain hunter. Each stall here is a little theatre, hosted by colourful characters. Aged furniture of scented woods, bizarre trinkets with forgotten uses, musical silverware…as long as you embrace this joyful mess, you will leave with your arms full of treasures. Catch one of the many threads of scents floating in the aisles and you're in the market for fruits and vegetables, a timeless mosaic of small booths filled to the brim with vigorous seasonal products. Take them with both hands, and taste them. Here, every whim of the senses is allowed! Along the way, follow the sound of Teresa's booming voice, it seems she sells the plumpest cherries in the market.

Flower Market / Fruit & Vegetable Market / Flea Market
Quartier du Vieux-Nice
Cours Saleya
06300 Nice