Soumbédioune: a little fishing neighbourhood in Dakar

Soumbédioune: a little fishing neighbourhood in Dakar

Soumbédioune is a fishing village within Dakar, with brightly coloured pirogues and fish stands right next to a market that sells the work of local artisans.

Dakar is on the sea, and this fish market at Soumbédioune shows just how present the ocean is in the lives of the Senegalese.

The atmosphere is very family-oriented and the lives of people seem unaffected by the presence of tourists. Children squeal and hide below the concrete stands, overloaded with fish on a good day, or play about the full skirts of their mothers heading towards the pier. The arrival of the fishermen balanced on their multi-coloured pirogues is a touching and beautiful scene. Right next to this picturesque ‘real-life' theatre, is the largest craft village in Senegal, full of gifts for your family and friends. The slogan here is ‘100% Senegal!' and you can indeed find all sorts of odds and ends in the narrow alleys.

You can opt for replicas of the fishermen's boats, in the bright red, green and yellow of the Senegalese flag or choose a bicycle made of papier-mâché, or a carved African mask.