Microbar:for its craft beers

Microbar:for its craft beers

This tiny establishment with original decor showcases fine beers produced in Costa Rica by quality microbrewers.

The cooling foam on the waves of the nearby Pacific does not reach the terrace of this little bar that openson to the street. But the Costa Rican beersescaping from pumps in a row behind the wooden counter and filling glasses with delicious amberprovide more than enough refreshment. ‘La Selva' (The Jungle),‘Fercas Brew House', ‘Tierra Fertil' and ‘La Bruja'are enjoyed while snacking on shrimp or a plate of meat and cheese.

The atmosphere is relaxed even if the context is revealed as at once trendy, stylish, retro, and unusual, with lily-patterned wallpaper, white tileslikethose in a Paris metro station, and old movie posters on the walls. Customers, perched on high stools lining the bar, do not see the time passing, despite the large Micro clock.

Arriba Pathway
50201 Sámara
Provincia de Guanacaste

+506 8784 7467


Menu: around 7,000 CRC