LX Factory, detour by the 25 de Abril Bridge

LX Factory, detour by the 25 de Abril Bridge

In the popular district of Alcantara, a vast industrial wasteland has been transformed into one of the key places in the Portuguese capital. Cultural and gourmet detour via LX Factory.

This is the story of a thread and fabric company who, in 1846, settled in Lisbon's Alcantara district. 23,000 sqm were dedicated to companies and professionals in the industry for several decades. The factory is now a hotspot for tourists, mixing fashion, culture and gastronomy.
Between exhibitions, open doors, flea markets, artistic conventions, performances and concerts, LXFactory gives Lisbon a most beautiful heartbeat: alongside walls covered with frescos by street artists, locals and travellers from around the world gather around art and the love of good food.
Bars and restaurants have set up shop, including the Landeau Chocolate pastry shop, The Burger Factory, and the famous Cantina Lx. In the latter, you will enjoy a cheap meal in an old warehouse decorated in retro and stylish manner: corrugated iron roofing, small glass panels, brick on the walls and large wooden tables. For less than EUR 15, snack on a few olives, enjoy a salad of beetroot, green beans, goat's cheese, rocket, orange and nuts, and end with a fruit medley. So healthy!

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103
1300-501 Lisboa

+351 21 314 3399