Le Madrid, for a drink… and more

charming hotel - bar
Le Madrid, for a drink… and more

Outside, inside, midday or midnight, in shorts or trousers, Le Madrid is a great place to spark up a conversation.

This is the headquarters of entrepreneurial, art-filled and creative Guéthary. Located in the central square of this small town, it is the perfect place to set up meetings from morning until evening on the terraces overlooking the sea and the town square. Once upon a time, sailors and railway workers used to gather in this then-wooden shack. In the 1930s, architect Albert Febvre-Longeray redesigned the café in Neo-Labourdin style, turning it into a restaurant-hotel.

The menu features coastal fish dishes, Ospital charcuterie platters and burgers. The atmosphere is hipster casual.

If you enjoyed the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, why not take advantage of one of the four rooms available? Located upstairs, they are decorated in 1950s Basque style, perfect for extending your stay, far from the crowds of Biarritz. The soul of the place has remained intact all those years, giving the café a unique and history-filled atmosphere where your mind can truly travel back in time.

Le Madrid
563 avenue du Général de Gaulle
64210 Guéthary

+33 (0)5 59 26 52 12


Menu: around 35 EUR

Rooms: from 70 EUR