Costa Rican heritage in the spotlight at Restaurante Silvestre

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Costa Rican heritage in the spotlight at Restaurante Silvestre

Amid the Barrio Amòn neighbourhood in San José, Restaurante Silvestre pays tribute to Costa Rica's cultural traditions and history.

Situated in an 1860s Art Deco house, Restaurante Silvestre reinvents Costa Rican cuisine. Chef Santiago Fernández takes his inspirations straight from national heritage. Each dish is therefore a tribute to the country's traditions, for instance with small masked figurines placed next to every plate. Stemming from Pre-Columbian culture, they are called mantudos and are generally taken out during popular celebrations.
For the menu, the chef only uses local and seasonal products, sometimes organic but always ecologically friendly. Costa Rican specialities have been raised to the highest level of gastronomy. Try the enyucado – South American cake made of yucca and anise – with beef and yucca croquetes, or the catch of the day served with a palm heart purée and sundried tomatoes. Unless you have your heart set on the shoulder of lamb, roasted sweet potatoes and orange and fennel salad. Akin to its Belle Époque decoration including contemporary details, Santiago Fernández's cuisine subtly fuses present and past.

Restaurante Silvestre
Ave. 11 Calle 3A – 955
Barrio Amón
10101 San José
Provincia de San José

+506 2221 2465 

Menu: around 20,000 CRC