Arenal Volcano: a source of soothing thermal waters

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Arenal Volcano: a source of soothing thermal waters

Although dormant since 2010—but still under observation in case it wakes up again—the volcano continues to produce, in its depths, water with relaxing properties.

In the area of the Arenal Volcano, rain, penetrating into the ground, meets the submerged magma, which heats it and loads it up with all kinds of minerals. The water then springs from the mountain side in the middle of the lush vegetation, to the delight of swimmers wading in ponds, pools, and streams that are natural or landscaped, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Some springs are free, others require payment. There are even some that are very luxurious, with spas, massages, and body treatments, such as the Springs Resort & Spa or the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort, both of which offer splendid views of the imposing cone of Arenal, to all appearances so calm but which, in reality, is boiling on the inside...

Volcan Arenal
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