Missing or damaged baggage, missing items

Was your baggage missing upon your arrival at the airport?
Please accept our apologies. We are doing everything we can to help.
Here you will find information on what to do if your baggage was not delivered.

Declare missing baggage

Depending on your arrival airport, you have 2 options to declare missing baggage: online, within 48 hours of your arrival; or at AIR FRANCE KLM Baggage Service before leaving the airport.

Declare missing baggage online

You can declare missing baggage by completing the form provided below, or through the Air France app, within 48 hours of your arrival. To do this, please provide your baggage receipt number.

Where is the baggage receipt number?
- If you checked in at the airport, you received your baggage receipt at the baggage drop-off counter.
- If you printed your boarding pass and baggage tags at home, your receipt number is indicated on the Baggage receipt page and in the e-mail you received.

Enter your receipt number into the online form. You will receive a file number at the end of the declaration process. Keep this number in order to track the progress of the search for your baggage on our website.

Please note that certain airports do not permit online declaration of missing baggage.

Declare missing baggage at the airport

If you are still at your arrival airport, please proceed to AIR FRANCE KLM* Baggage Service.
Before leaving the airport, you must fill out a document called a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). You will receive a file number at the end of the declaration process. Keep this number in order to track the progress of the search for your baggage.

* Or its representative.

Tracking your file's progress

You can track the progress of your baggage file in real time with our online baggage search tool. Use the file number you received online after submitting your declaration form, or from our staff after your declaration at the airport.

Claims on necessity purchases

Have you had to make necessity purchases (such as toiletries or clothing) because your baggage was late? You have 21 days from the date of your baggage's return to submit a reimbursement request via the online declaration form. Remember to keep your receipts, which you may need to show to our staff.

What to do if your baggage is not found

If your baggage is not located within 72 hours of your declaration, please log in to the online baggage search tool in order to fill out the inventory and claim form. Describe your missing baggage as precisely as possible and indicate the value of each clothing item, pair of shoes or any other item.
An accurate and complete description of your baggage contents is essential for locating your baggage.

If your baggage is not located in the 21 days following your flight, we will use the value you provided to establish a compensation claim*. This procedure is launched automatically.
Upon presentation of sufficient documentation (receipts, proof of purchase), your compensation can be paid up to approximately €1,607 (the maximum compensation amount set by the Montreal convention).

Please note: when checking in baggage, you can make a special declaration detailing the value of your property if it exceeds the maximum planned compensation (€1,607*). You will then pay an additional fee to increase the compensation for your baggage according to its estimated value.

* Compensation is counted in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), the unit of currency used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 1,288 SDR converts to approximately €1,607. (This conversion rate varies according to fluctuations in currency.)

Lost and found

Did you forget a personal item on an Air France flight bound for Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly or Toulouse-Blagnac, or in an Air France lounge at one of these airports?

Contact us

Have you declared a missing baggage and need additional assistance?
Please refer to baggage services at your destination airport or the customer service team in your country of residence.

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