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Zürich: the largest city in Switzerland and close to the snow sports of the Alps region

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, situated just next to Lake Zürich. The wider urban area has just under 2 million inhabitants.
There are a number of events throughout the year to visit and enjoy. The Zurich Film Festival, towards the end of September, highlights the work of up-and-coming new film directors. The Street Parade in August features techno music, and the Kunst Zürich is an international contemporary arts fair. During the cold winters, its proximity to the snow sports of the Alps makes it an ideal place to start a trip to the country for your winter sports holiday.
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The city has very strong public transport links, with buses, trams and trains, boats on the lake and a cable car. Swiss German is the main language, but there are also many people who speak Italian, English or French.

Discover Zürich for its culture, open spaces and its status as an international financial centre

There are many attractions to enjoy during your stay in Zürich. The Swiss National Museum contains many artefacts that tell the story of Switzerland's history, including stained glass, costumes and weapons. The Museum of Design focuses on industrial design and architecture, as well as craft. In keeping with Switzerland's reputation as a maker of watches, the Uhrenmuseum Beyer documents the history of the watchmaking, and has a collection of ancient timekeeping methods such as water clocks, sundials and hourglasses. The North America Native Museum contains art and interesting objects from the Native American and Inuit cultures. To see fine works of art, there is the Zürich Museum of Art, which contains an important collection of classic Modern Art, including Picasso and Munch. The Rietberg Museum contains a variety of artefacts from Eastern and African sources.
The Zürich Opera House was built in 1834 and has a fascinating architecture as well as a history of displaying the best orchestral works. Zürich is a global financial centre, especially as the home of the headquarters of most Swiss banks.
There are a number of beautiful parks and open spaces to visit during your stay, including the Botanical Garden, which is said to house over 3 million different plants, many of them rare. The Chinese Garden contains bamboo and other local plants. To get a view over the whole city of Zürich, you can travel to the hill of Uetliberg via train. To enjoy the local cuisine, try some Tirggel, which are hard 'Christmas' sweet biscuits.

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