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Valencia: a city on the Mediterranean, with warm summers and interesting festivals

Valencia is a seaside city on the East Coast of Spain, with around one and a half million inhabitants in the wider urban area. The third largest city in Spain and an important port, the city has a rich history and great food to enjoy during your stay.
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The city benefits from warm to hot summers and mild winters and so is a great place to visit for your holidays all year round. There are a number of local festivals to enjoy, including the Falles in March, that involves fireworks, special dress and feasts. La Tomatina is an annual tomato fight that takes place in August. There are two main languages spoken in the city: Spanish and Valencian.

Valencia is the original home of the paella, and boasts many interesting attractions

There are many attractions to visit and enjoy during your stay in Valencia. The Torres de Serrano is a great example of the medieval buildings of the city - it is one of the twelve gates of the old city wall that was built in medieval times. The Torres was also used as a prison in days gone by. The Valencia Cathedral has a history going back to the 13th century, and was built over a previous cathedral. One of its chapels claims to hold the original authentic cup used in the last supper, and so being the true Holy Chalice. There are also various 15th century paintings in the cathedral to enjoy.
The City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment park that has artistic, scientific and media attractions, including an IMAX cinema, an aquarium, and outside space. The Museum of the Fine Arts of Valencia displays artwork from El Greco, Perez, Pinturicchio and other fine artwork, while modern art is in the Valencian Institute of Modern Art. There are smaller museums on the subject of Valencia's history, ethnology, bullfighting, pottery and the enlightenment.
The Albufera Nature Reserve is a freshwater lagoon next to the city, and an important habitat for birds and other wildlife. There is some great Spanish food to sample during your trip. The famous Spanish dish paella originated in Valencia. Other local specialities include the Spanish omelette and squid, or calamari.

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