Stockholm, city on the water

Stockholm is an unusual European capital. It was built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. That is why it is nicknamed the "Venice of the North. Therefore, water and nature in general have an important place in the city.
Sweden's capital is definitely a modern city yet it is marked by traditional Swedish culture. Stockholm does a great job of combining both, which gives the city a special atmosphere and charm. It is a pleasant place to work and the capital is famous for its architecture and innovative design. Gastronomy is also important in the city because it is one of the centres for new cuisine. A green, futuristic, trendy city: Stockholm deserves to be seen, visited and appreciated because it is definitely one of the most beautiful European capitals. Take off for a trip to Sweden on one of our flights to Stockholm . Reserve your plane ticket and check-in online to make preparation for your trip to Stockholm easier.

Architecture and culture in Stockholm

Why not start discovering Stockholm with a visit to the old city, Gamla Stan. As you walk through the narrow streets from medieval and renaissance times, you go back to the Swedish capital's past, as it was founded in the 11th century. The old city was abandoned for a long time and has now been restored to become a tourist attraction. The Grand Square, Stortoget can serve as a landmark during your visit. Don't miss the Kungliga Slottet, the royal palace and its chapel, the cathedral, German church, Nobel Museum and watch the changing of the guards.
Next, go to the Stadshuset's tower, Stockholm's city hall, for a wide-open view of the city.
There are many museums in the city. The Vasa Museet on the island of Djurgården is unquestionably the most impressive in the Swedish capital. This Maritime Museum has a war ship dating back to the 17th century. Head to the Moderna Museet to see a beautiful collection of modern art. Stockholm is a city of design that has some outstanding areas, such as the Södermalm, the city's trendy neighbourhood.
"Venice of the North" is also famous for being a green city, in tune with nature and the environment. The Djurgarden is a fine example of the city's desire to combine urban living with the country. The green area on the same name island covers nearly 300 hectares and provides fresh air to the population.

Useful information about Stockholm

The historical and typical restaurant in Stockholm, Den Gyldene Freden is a true, must-see institution. The Swedish capital also has a large number of bars, cafés and restaurants.
However, you will have to get used to Swedish schedules and customs. Breakfast often includes raw vegetables, cheese and marinated fish. Lunch is often very quick. The fika or lunch break is taken at various hours. In the evening, the Swedes generally eat early, at about 6 PM. Many restaurants stop serving at 9 PM.
Among specialities, there is Smörgås, a slice of bread with fish and vegetables. For a quick meal, you can also eat Strömming, marinated herring. Finally, meat dishes such as elk or reindeer are also an essential part of Swedish cuisine which are often accompanied by potatoes, mushrooms and cranberry jam. Residents of the capital also love street food. Go to Östermalms Saluhall for a large choice of fresh, quality products.

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