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Prague: a city of rich history, warm summers and many attractions

As the capital city of the Czech Republic in Central Europe, Prague has in recent years developed a reputation as a fantastic tourist venue that is packed with things to do. Over 4 million people visit every year, and the town's larger urban area has around 2 million inhabitants.
It is thought that the area around Prague was settled by humans as long ago as 1200 BC. The city has been through many profound changes throughout the centuries, most recently through the Second World War and then during a time of communist rule, until the fall of the Iron Curtain. This rich history provides a wide variety of interesting and informative activities to do during your stay.
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Prague benefits from warm summers and cold, sometimes snow-covered winters. There are many music, arts and culinary festivals throughout the year to enjoy for your holidays.

Prague is packed full of fascinating architecture, culture and history

There are many sights and attractions to enjoy during your stay in Prague. The city avoided much of the destruction that many European cities suffered during World War II, and so has some great examples of architecture from a wide variety of different periods. Prague Castle has housed many different leaders of the city, and currently is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic as well as the Bohemian crown jewels. The Charles Bridge has a history going back to the 14th Century, and is decorated by a range of statues in the Baroque style.
Prague is well known as a centre of culture, and has many museums, galleries and exhibitions of the arts. You can also visit the locations of many well-known films shot at the Barrandov Studios. Some of the recent history of the Czech Republic is told through the 'Lennon Wall', which was once just an ordinary wall, but during protests against the communist regime in the 80s and 90s, was covered with complaints against the regime and a mural of the singer John Lennon. It has been painted over and re-painted numerous times since then.
You can sample as many as 70 types of Czech beer - which is definitely a local speciality - at the Czech Beer Festival every year in May. Local cuisine often involves wheat or potato based dumplings, and various soups of meat or vegetables.

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