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Pau is a town on the edge of the beautiful Pyrenees mountains

Pau is a town on the Northern edge of the Pyrenees in South West France. The French writer Alphonse de Lamartine said of the town, "Pau has the world's most beautiful view of the earth just as Naples has the most beautiful view of the sea." On the Boulevard de Pyrenees, there is an outstanding view of the nearby mountain ranges. Pau has historical significance as the birthplace of Henry IV of France.
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The climate of Pau, like much of Southern France, is warm and sunny during the summer but cooler in the winter. One interesting annual event is the Etoiles de Pau, an equestrian eventing tournament.

Pau: a town with a historic castle and close to the exciting winter sports of the Pyrenees,

There are a number of activities to do during your stay in Pau. The town is dominated by a castle, which is open to visitors, which was the birthplace of Henry IV of France. The chateau has also been habited by Napoleon and Marie Antoinette at other points in history. There is a collection of tapestries to view. Near to the château is a picturesque river, Gave de Pau, and a large park with some good walks and outdoor activities. The University of the town often hosts concerts and cultural activities. Place Clemenceau has a fountain and various shops to peruse during your holiday.
Pau is associated with winter sports due to its close proximity to the Pyrenees, the beautiful mountain range that separates France and Spain. There are a wide variety of sporting activities to do in the region throughout the year, including winter sports and walks.
You can get around the city by bus - and there is also a free bus, the Coxitis, that circles the city centre during the day. To get to the town centre from the train station, you can get the Funiculaire de Pau, a railway that travels up a steep cliff and offers great views as well as an interesting ride. There is a small museum, Musée des Beaux Arts, with an attractive hall and various exhibits telling the history of the region and of France itself. The Musée de la Resistance et de la Deportation de Pau-Pyrenees contains information and exhibitions related to the difficult period when the Nazis occupied northern France in World War II, and Pau was a region close to the safety of the Spanish border at the time.
A wine speciality from the region is a sweet white called Jurancon.

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