Enjoy a flight to Nice with Air France

Relax in the warm, pleasant and beautiful surroundings of Nice

Nice is one of the most popular destination for holidays in France, being well situated in the South East of the country and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Known as 'Nice la Belle' (Nice the beautiful), Nice is the fifth largest city in France, with over 1 million inhabitants : though it is estimated to draw around 4 million tourists every year to its warm and pleasant climate, which makes it the second most popular tourist destination in France after the capital city Paris. The temperature of Nice in summer stays typically in the 20s (centigrade).
Nice has a history stretching back into ancient times, and some of the oldest evidence of human existence was discovered in an archaeological site that is near the town. Nice itself was established by the Ancient Greeks. However it has experienced renewal in the past two centuries and particularly in the past 50 years. In the 18th Century it was popular as a destination for rest and relaxation, but often in winter, due to its mild and relatively warm climate. Nice was so popular with British visitors that a major road is called Promenade des Anglais (Walk of the English).
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The fresh sea air draws many to Nice, and there are many other attractions

Nice has been very popular as a destination for Europeans over the decades, and it has drawn numerous artists to its shores. Apart from the beautiful weather, there are many attractions to enjoy during your stay. Henri Matisse spent time there, and it is possible to visit the Musee Matisse that is dedicated to his work. There are a number of other museums and art galleries. There are regular classical music and ballet performances at the Opera de Nice, and there is a fine botanical garden that features over 3500 plant species. There is an annual Jazz Festival in the summertime. The Nice Observatory was at the cutting edge of science in 1879, and it is possible to visit it today.
There are many fine restaurants, cafes and small and interesting shops: especially in the "Zone Pietonne" (Pedestrian Zone) an area where cars are not allowed. There are four large picturesque squares. It is possible to travel within Nice on its tram network. The local cuisine is very Mediterranean, with locally produced olive oil, fruit and vegetables popular in the area. Nice has a number of speciality local dishes, such as a tart made with anchovies called 'Pissaladiere', and a pancake called 'Socca'. There is also the famous Nicoise salad: made with tuna, tomatoes, egg and olives.

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