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Visit the city of Manchester to discover the rich and diverse culture of Northern England

Manchester is a prominent city in the North of England, within the United Kingdom. With around 2 million people in its wider urban area, it is one of the largest cities in the country. Its industrial past and its role in the Trade Union movement are celebrated in museums within the city such as the People's History Museum and other industrial attractions.
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There are a number of notable events in the city to visit during your holidays. The Manchester International Festival is an arts event every two years. The Manchester Irish Festival is a popular event celebrating that country's culture, and takes place in March every year around St Patrick's Day. The Manchester Beer and Cider Festival takes place in January.

Manchester: a musical legacy, a great sporting heritage and a fascinating industrial heritage

Manchester has been substantially redeveloped in recent years, and so has been transformed from its past as an industrial mill town. However there are still echoes of this past: there is an extensive canal system, that can now be used for leisure to enjoy more of the sights and sounds during your stay in this interesting city.
Manchester has had a thriving music scene in the recent past, and has produced world-famous bands such as Oasis, Take That, Joy Division, Morrissey and the Happy Mondays. It was particularly lively during the 'Madchester' scene of the 1980s, when indie bands and the famed 'Hacienda' nightclub were the height of hip. However there is also ample provision for those who love classical music, as well as the northern English traditional 'Brass Band'. Today, Manchester still has a thriving nightlife and there are many music venues in the city. Manchester is also well-known for its shopping facilities, such as the Arndale Centre.
The Lowry, named after the celebrated local artist, houses two theatres and also displays a wide variety of art. Manchester Museum houses a natural history exhibition, including a fossilised Tyrannosaurus Rex called Stan, as well as anthropological displays and information about the ancient world. The Manchester Arts Gallery displays a wide range of artwork, from pre-Raphaelite paintings to early 20th Century work.
Manchester also has a strong sporting legacy, being the site of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, when many sporting facilities and stadiums were built, and also the home of two significant football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City.
Manchester has six local nature reserves, and is close to the natural beauty of the nearby Pennines region. There are a number of nearby historical homes and gardens to visit. Manchester has a Chinatown, featuring many restaurants offering oriental food.

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