Malaga, the pearl of the Costa del Sol in Spain

Air France offers flights to Malaga , a city in southern Spain, departing from Singapore with connections in Paris, for a total of 19-hours travel time. There is a -7 hour time difference between Malaga and Singapore.
You will land at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, located 8 km to the north-east of Malaga, which can be reached by car, taxi, train or bus - there are several lines to the city. Buses run in the city and the subway is currently under construction.
Malaga is a city in Andalusia, a southern region in Spain, and capital of the province of Malaga. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, about one hundred kilometres from the Strait of Gibraltar which separates Spain from Morocco.
Malaga has a population of 568,000 inhabitants. It is Spain's 3rd largest city, and probably one of the oldest.
In fact, Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians during the 8th century B.C. The city has been coveted for centuries: it was under Carthaginian, Roman, Vandal, Visigoth, Byzantine, Arabic, Christian and French rule until becoming part of Spain again.
Today, Malaga is an important economical and cultural centre. It is one of the symbols of Spain's booming tourist industry during the 70s. Today, the province of Malaga welcomes nearly half of all tourists that go to Andalusia!

Malaga, city of art, history and gastronomy

Purchasing a plane ticket to Malaga is an excellent idea! There are many tourist attractions in the city. With such a rich heritage, Malaga has many historical buildings:
  • The Alcazaba, imposing Islamic fortress from the 13th century.
  • The Castle of Gibralfaro, magnificent building from the 14th century.
  • The cathedral, built between 1528 and 1782, close the site where the former mosque once stood… It has an eclectic style, with baroque and gothic influences.
  • Churches: Malaga has many religious buildings, such as the Iglesia de los Martires, the Iglesia de Santiago and the Santuario de la Victoria, founded in the 15th century.

Malaga is also a city of art. As the native city of Picasso, Malaga is considered as the birthplace of cubic art. Today, the city has many museums, beginning with the Picasso Museum, of course, but also the Fine Arts Museum, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, the Museum of Archaeology, located in the Alcazaba fortress, or the Museum of the Cathedral.
However, Malaga is also and especially a city of gastronomy: tapas, traditional dishes such as small fried fish or creative cuisine are sure to please your taste buds.

Travelling to Malaga: useful tips

The best period to visit Malaga, is from May to September, when the weather is hot and dry. You can enjoy the beaches on the Costa del Sol. You may also choose the Holy Week, in April, when there are numerous festivities that combine, art, colour, music, religion and history.
No visa is required , to enter Spain. You will need a passport that is valid at least three months after your departure date from the Schengen area, a unique area of 26 countries for free circulation of people and merchandise which includes Spain. However, a visa is required for study, work or tourists who plan to stay longer than 90 days.
Also, if you would like to rent a car
in Malaga, it is recommended to have an international driver's license.
The local currency is the euro. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, and there are many ATMs available in the city.

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