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The 'Capital of Lights' and an important historical city, Lyon has much to see all year round

Over 2 million people live in the wider metropolitan area of Lyon. The city has played a role in several major inventions, including cinematography and the weaving of silk, the latter having been particularly important during the Renaissance period. Lyon is also well known for its good quality food. There is a legend that the Virgin Mary saved the city from the plague: the inhabitants showed their gratitude with a display of candles. This led to Lyon being known as the 'Capital of Lights' due to its yearly "Fete des lumieres" on the 8th December.
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Although most visitors to Lyon are traveling on business, there is still a significant tourist trade. The climate of Lyon is warm and sunny during the summer, but mild during the winter. The primary language of the city is French.

Enjoy the fine food and fascinating history of Lyon, a major financial and technology centre

Lyon has a significant financial and technology industry and there are also significant medical research sites. The city is also the world headquarters of Interpol. Lyon has been named as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes the interesting features of the old medieval city, Vieux Lyon and the slopes of the 'silk district' Croix-Rousse.
There are many interesting attractions to visit during your stay in Lyon. The New Opera House features classical music and ballet performances. The Museum of Resistance and Deportation explores the city's significant role in the French Resistance during World War II. The church of Saint Francis of Sales has a particularly notable organ, which attracts numerous visitors. The Basilica of St-Martin-d'Ainay, is a rare Romanesque basilica church. The Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon is built on a former convent and displays work from Matisse, Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh, among others. The Golden Head Park is the largest urban park in France, which also includes a botanical garden, a large boating lake and a small zoo.
The city of Lyon has a good gastronomical reputation : partly due to some good nearby vineyards, and also due to some notable chefs who have lived there. Local delicacies include the Rosette de Lyon, a pork sausage, while the andouillette is a sausage of tripe. Coq au vin and salade lyonnaise, with bacon and croutons, are also local dishes.

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