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Visit London, a capital of business, culture and history, and of the United Kingdom.

London is one of the largest cities in Europe, housing over 13 million people in its metropolitan area. As the capital city of the United Kingdom, it shares with its country a long and fascinating history. The city was established around 50 AD during the Roman occupation of England. It was then a significant site for commerce and trade - a distinction that continues to this day, as the financial district the City of London remains on the site of the original city.
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London, like the rest of England, is famous for its rain! However if you visit for your holidays during the summer months, average temperatures are around 18 degrees centigrade. London is often seen as an amalgamation of its 32 boroughs: some of which are famous, such as Greenwich, which marks the world's time via the Royal Observatory, and the City of London itself.

London is a diverse city with many different attractions

London is a multi-cultural city, with hundreds of different languages spoken and many different kinds of attractions to visit during your stay, including four world heritage sites. There are historic sites such as Westminster Abbey, where many historical figures are buried, and the breathtaking St Paul's Cathedral. The Tower of London has a history dating back to the Norman conquest of 1066 and displays the Crown Jewels. The UK's royal family are well known around the world, and their main place of residence, Buckingham Palace, is in the centre of London. The beautiful Kew Gardens display a huge variety of plants and are particularly attractive in summertime. There are a large number of other parks to enjoy, such as Hampstead Heath and Regent's Park.
There are many famous galleries and museums in London, including the Tate Modern and its more traditional sister the Tate Britain, the National History Museum and the National Gallery. World-famous musical performances take place at the Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall. Writers often associated with London include Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of the Sherlock Holmes character), and Virginia Woolf.
You can visit London's Chinatown, which features a variety of Chinese and Asian restaurants. East London's Brick Lane is also a site for many top Indian restaurants. There are many famous shopping destinations, such as Oxford Street, which contains Selfridges department store, and a few miles away, the famously luxurious Harrods store.
The quickest way of getting around London is usually on the tube system. However there are also good bus links, an efficient taxi service and the ability to hire cycles around the city.

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