Hanover: an economic hub in the heart of Europe

Located in northern Germany, on the banks of the Leine River, Hanover is the capital and largest city in the federal state of Lower Saxony. It is also the third largest city in northern Germany, after Hamburg and Bremen.

Since it is located on the banks of the Leine, Hanover was first a village of fishermen and ferrymen. At the end of the Middle Ages, the small city rapidly developed its trade activity and became a market town.
The city was occupied twice by the French; during the Seven Year War in the mid-18th century, and during the Napoleon Wars in the early 19th century.
After being annexed, Hanover became an independent kingdom until becoming a province of Prussia in 1866. When the German empire was founded, the city had a period of strong development thanks to its industrial expansion. During the Second World War, a large part of the city centre was destroyed by ally bombings. Hanover was quickly rebuilt and today, it is considered as one of the most modern cities in Germany.

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Discover Hanover during a stay in Lower Saxony

Hanover is a very pleasant city to visit in Germany. As soon as you arrive in the city, go to the Tourist Office to purchase tickets for guided tours and find out about the different coming events. The HannoverCard enables you to benefit from many discounts (transportation, visits, restaurants, etc.).
Follow the "red line" painted on the city sidewalks to discover the 36 main attractions during your stay in Hanover. The itinerary covers 4.2 km and is an original way to visit the city.
Walk through old Hanover to admire the half-timbered houses, typical of German architecture. The entire area was rebuilt after the Second World War. Enjoy the safety of pedestrian streets to visit the city from the old city to the station and through the new city centre. There are many shops along the way for shopping.
Learn about the city's history from the numerous museums (Historisches Museum am Hohen Ufer), antique and Egyptian art museum (Museum August Kestner) or enjoy modern art collections (Bernard Sprengel Foundation for Modern Art Maschsee, Kestnergesellschaft, etc.). When you go to Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Hannover, the State Museum for Lower Saxony, you can also discover paintings and sculptures as well as a vivarium (fish, insects, reptiles, etc.), a department of archaeology and another dedicated to natural history (botany, zoology, geology). It is the city's largest museum.

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