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Geneva is the second largest city in the country of Switzerland. So close to France that the country's border sits on one edge of the city, and merges with the adjoining French town. Geneva is the main city of the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
Geneva is the home of many significant international organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation, the Red Cross, and many parts of the United Nations, from the World Health Organisation to the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. It is the place where the famous 'Geneva Convention' was signed, which governs how to treat people in times of war.
You can fly to Geneva via France's largest airline, Air France. There are flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Geneva's International Airport several times a week. To make the most of your flight you will receive a comfortable fleece blanket and pillow. There is also reading material, films, music and games available on an individual video screen to entertain you on your journey. You will receive more benefits if you choose to fly business class . You can enjoy your choice of quality meals from a high quality menu. If you book online to buy your airplane ticket, then you can review your booking and make necessary changes, reserve options for which seat to sit in and the cabin size that you want. You can do an online check-in from up to 30 hours before flying. You can also earn Miles via the Flying Blue program which when collected, can count towards hotel bookings or other flights.
The city of Geneva is situated at the South West end of Lake Geneva, and it is also bordered by the mountainous Alps region. The climate is temperate, with pleasant warm summers and fairly mild winters: However in the great heights of the nearby mountains there is much snow, which attract many people for ski holidays.
Most of Geneva's population speaks French, but due to immigration there are also significant numbers of people who speak English, Spanish, Italian and German.

A major financial centre, with beautiful scenery

Geneva is a significant financial centre, and many companies site their European headquarters in the city, such as Procter and Gamble. There are also many watch-making companies - and the Patek Phillipe Museum which features much information about the craft of making watches. Geneva is also the site of the famous Large Hadron Collider, part of the CERN organisation, which conducts high-level scientific investigations.
There are many possible attractions to enjoy during your stay in Geneva. You can take a walk through the nearby vineyards of Dardagny to learn more about wine making and the special grape varieties of the region. The annual Geneva Festival features an hour-long firework display, which draws many visitors to the area. You can enjoy a guided tour of the Palais des Nations, the centre of the United Nations activity, which also displays works of art and other interesting features. There is also an attractive local nature reserve.
Public transport in the form of bus, trollybus or tram is available, as are various kinds of boat transport across the lake.

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