Enjoy your flight to Brussels with Air France

Brussels: the city at the heart of the European Union

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, but its influence extends far beyond this interesting little country. As the main centre for the European Parliament, Brussels is effectively the capital of the European Union too, and there are good transport links to other European cities if you plan to travel further during your holiday. The Parliamentarian is a museum that will teach you all about the European history that birthed this unique collection of countries.
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Although the country historically spoke Dutch, French is now the main language of Belgium. The country is host to many different cultures and languages, however.

Brussels has fascinating architecture and museums to enjoy, as well as world-renowned cuisine

There are a number of well-known landmarks to visit during your stay, including the Grand Place, the central square in the city, which is surrounded by the town hall and some very impressive buildings. The Royal Palace of Laeken is the official residence of the Royal Family of Belgium. Its Royal greenhouses are very popular tourist attractions though they are only open during certain weeks of the year. Separately, and nearer the centre of the city, is The Royal Palace - where the royalty do not live. The Royal Collection includes state portraits of figures as diverse as Napoleon, Leopold I, King Louise Philippe, as well as silverware and fine crystal, that are used for formal state banquets. However check for the opening times of this exclusive attraction. The Atomium is a large and unusual structure built in the 1950s.
There are over 80 museums in Brussels to enjoy. The Magritte Museum houses the largest collection of surrealist painter Rene Magritte. The Comic Museum supplements the 'Comic Book Route' where walls in the city are painted with large pictures of comic book characters. There are a number of nearby natural attractions, such as the Foret des Soignes, and the city also boasts many green spaces for the traveller.
The food tastes of this city have become famous worldwide. Enjoy some Brussels cuisine with the waffle, some authentic Belgian chocolate, French fries, moules (mussels) and its famous beer. The famous Christmas vegetable the Brussels Sprout probably originated in the city. Its culinary heritage is a possible reason why there are an estimated 1800 restaurants in the city, and the quality of the local cuisine is well-known.

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