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Brest is a maritime town within the Brittany region of France

Brest is a city on the North Western tip of France and an important port and shipping town. Well known for the 'Battle of Brest', a fierce fight during World War II, the city was badly damaged during this period, meaning that most historical buildings were lost. However the Tanguy tower displays the city as it was before the War.
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Brittany has its own distinct culture, derived from its roots as a region inhabited by Britons who fled Anglo-Saxon invaders in the 4th to 9th centuries, and the Celtic people. It has its own Breton language, though it is not the main language of Brest. It is a language related to a Cornish language from England.

Discover Brest's attractions, its historic castle and great marine centre

Brest is a great way to start a holiday trip to the Brittany region, and there are a number of attractions to visit during your stay. A castle that is still in use is the Château de Brest, on a site that has been use since Roman times. The historic buildings that remain in the city include the castle and Tanguy tower, as well as Saint-Malo Street in the western part of the town.
The Musée National de la Marine, which is situated within the Château, displays information about the city's seafaring past. There is also Oceanopolis, a marine centre, that has large aquariums and offers opportunities to touch the marine animals living there, including seals. The local botanical garden specialises in endangered species and is particularly beautiful, with waterfalls and streams to enjoy. To relax in a peaceful setting, try the Parc de la Penfeld, where there are also activities for children to do.
Near to Brest are some pretty beaches, with many enjoyable coastal walks and rocky coves to explore. You can hire a car or travel by bus to see the surrounding countryside and sea. There are also nearby places to enjoy water sports such as windsurfing. The city has a local delicacy, the Breton Crepe, and there are many restaurants serving this food. Seafood is also a popular local dish.

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