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A newly united Berlin with many events and activities

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and has around 3.5 million inhabitants. Situated in the north of the country, it is a great place to start a holiday tour of Germany. Following World War II, when the country was divided into two, this city was too: and was finally reunited in 1990 after the infamous 'Berlin Wall' came down the previous year. This story, and much of Germany's history, is played out in the architecture and culture of the city. There is much to explore and learn about during your stay.
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There are many annual events held in the city, such as Berlin Fashion Week, the Berlin Air Show, JazzFest Berlin, Green Week and the Berlin International Film Festival. The latter is particularly relevant due to the city being the site of shooting for many films, such as The Bourne Ultimatum and The Hunger Games. There is a wide variety of different cuisines to sample in Berlin. Organic and vegetarian meals are popular, as are restaurants from the wide variety of different cultures living there - from Turkish and Arab to Italian and Thai. For local specialities, try the Berliner Pfannkuchen, a doughnut, and Frikadeller, a fried meatball.

Berlin has hundreds of museums, a rich history and a lively nightlife to explore

There are many activities and attractions to enjoy during your stay in Berlin. Some of the sights of the city include the Brandenburg Gate, an 18th Century structure that is one of the most recognisable sights of Germany. The remains of the Berlin Wall, which are of great historical interest, now also display an open-air art exhibition at the 'East Side Gallery'. There is also a large reminder of the fate of Berlin's Jewish population during World War II at the Holocaust Memorial - a very large concrete design containing the names of murdered Jews.
Berlins hosts hundreds of museums and art galleries to enjoy. The 'Museum Island' contains a variety of establishments displaying 19th Century art to ancient Egyptian artefacts. The island is now on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. You can also enjoy some of the 'old masters' in the Painting Gallery, or the New National Gallery if you prefer modern art. The German History Museum tells the fascinating story of Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall. There are also museums dedicated to architecture, technology, Jewish history, natural history, Asian art and the East Germany secret police.
Berlin has an active and vibrant nightlife and popular music scene. There are also seven symphony orchestras and three opera houses in the city.

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