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Aberdeen is a city with interesting festivals and a unique appearance

Aberdeen is a city in Scotland in the North East of the country, with a population of around a quarter of a million people. It is nicknamed the 'granite city' or the 'grey city' for the colour of many of its buildings. Aberdeen hosts many people in the North Sea Oil industry, which makes it a centre for European oil and energy technology and industry.
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Festivals to enjoy during the year include the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, which features up-and-coming young performers in music and the arts. It includes performances from symphony orchestras, jazz bands, folk music, ballet and traditional dance. The Aberdeen Jazz Festival, the May Festival (which features interesting projects within the University of Aberdeen, including arts and science), and other family-friendly events occur throughout the year.

Aberdeen is a city of flowers, with many interesting attractions

Aberdeen is known locally for its green parks and its many floral displays during spring and summer, and has won the Royal Horticultural Society's "Britain in Bloom" competition many times. Particularly floral and beautiful is Johnston Gardens, which have many flowers and shrubs. There are many other parks and green areas to enjoy.
Aberdeen Arts Gallery contains works from the last three centuries, including many Scottish artists. Aberdeen's history as a port and seafaring town is told in the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Marischal Museum contains fine art, and artefacts from Scottish history and archaeology.
There are many places to enjoy live music, including the Aberdeen Music Hall and the tunnels. You might find many ceilidhs advertised - which Scottish dances to traditional folk music. They usually give instructions to beginners in the dance and so everyone can get involved.
To try some traditional Aberdonian food, there is the buttery, which is a bread roll that has a lot of fat and salt, designed to stay fresh for Aberdonian sailors at sea. There is also an 'Aberdeen sausage' to try.

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